Marco Casagrande

Marco Casagrande is a Finnish architect, winner of several prestigious awards and author of the City of the Third Generation theory. The core idea behind the theory is that in the future industrial society will be subordinated by nature. During St. Petersburg Design Week, the architect will give a lecture about urban acupuncture and its influence on the formation of a new city.

Casagrande was born in Turku in 1971. He graduated from the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Technology in Helsinki. In 2003, in collaboration with the architect Sami Rintala, he founded Casagrande Laboratory. Apart from the architecture, Marco Casagrande is working in the field of environmental art which involves the fusion of an artwork with the environment and the viewers immersion in this process.

The works of Casagrande were presented in the largest world museums and at the most famous exhibitions, including the Venice Biennale of Architecture and the Victoria and Albert Museum (London).