Xenia Leri

Xenia Leri is a founder of Trendsquire, the first Russian trend bureau.

Xenia graduated from Ecole Nationale des Beaux-Arts de Lyon and Maryse-Eloy School of Art and Design in Paris. Upon her graduation, she collaborated with advertising agencies in Europe and Asia such as Publicis et nous, Dragon Rouge, Jerry Aurun, IKL.

 After her return to Russia, Xenia focused on a new direction which was trend forecasting. In 2012 the Trendsquire team of multidisciplinary professionals began researching socio-cultural, consumer and aesthetic preferences. The Trendsquire trends bureau publishes annual macro forecasts predicting changes of consumption preferences for two years ahead and seasonal trend reports on visual design as well as changes in aesthetic preferences.

Since 2016, Trendsquire alone with Belgian company Data Stories has launched AI-project which is aimed at researching of the deepest values and the chosen aesthetics of a human.

Xenia Leri is an author of the education program about trend watching which is taught at British Higher School of Art&Design.